Inspiring quotes engraved on stainless steel collar stays

Add motivation to your morning routine

Each month our team of entrepreneurs & motivators writes an inspirational quote & engraves that quote onto our premium stainless steel collar stays. 

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WiseStays Club Member Reviews

 "This is such a beautiful product! The quality is superb and the presentation very stylish. They really hold up well and are vastly superior to those typical plastic stays. The perfect gift for the modern day professional! Ordering was simple and easy. Highly recommended!"

by Joe 

"The quality of the WiseStays are very good. I really liked the polished finish and the overall rigidity of the stays compared to the normal plastic ones. Its also nice to have an inspirational quote to get my mind churning in the morning. I would definitely recommend."

by TheCoryD 


"I recently noticed that the collars on some of my dress shirts were losing form. After looking into it, I realized that many of the plastic collar stays were either warped or just completely missing. I had heard about WiseStays, and decided to subscribe so that I could begin to collect some replacements. My first shipment just arrived and I am very impressed! The stays themselves are very high quality and a perfect fit. The cloth that can be used to polish them is also a nice touch. But, of course, what really sets this product apart is the inspirational quote engraved into the stays, providing a simple reminder to keep working toward your goals. Everyone could use a product like this a source of motivation to break away from the monotony of the "morning routine." Looking forward to receiving the next set!

    by Matthew